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Chrome 65 Release Date and Features

Chrome 65 is available to download on the canary channel.

Although little is known for what Chrome 65 is set to bring to the browser, it is already available for download on the canary channel here. As of current, the features Chrome 65 is set to bring or improve upon are as follows:

Lazy Load for Images

In its efforts to improve performance, Google is likely to introduce Lazy Loading in this version of Chrome. The feature will target primarily images, and will work by loading only the images which appear above the fold of a website, loading the rest as the user scrolls to them. This feature aimst to increase website load speeds and break down loading into smaller segments, ultimately improving performance. While canary version may initially have issues printing pages or saving them as a PDF with this feature enabled, the stable version of Chrome is said to have these issues addressed. 

Custom Download Location on Android

Chrome 65 is set to give Android users the ability to manually select a download location for their files, much like on Windows and macOS. The feature will likely land on Android only for this version, as iOS' closed filesystem will likely not allow On Chrome Beta, users can currently test this by typing in "chrome://flags#enable-downloads-location-change" and enabling the flag.

Abusive Behaviour Blocking

Websites automatically redirecting users to random pages upon clicking a link are set to get heavily countered by Chrome on or before the release of Chrome 65. A crackdown on websites containing videos or pictures that - upon clicking - redirect users to adverts or other web addresses is to start with the release of Chrome 64 and should be further locked down by the time Chrome 65 hits the stable channel. The way Google intends to do this is by "locking down" the main tab to prevent the user from being redirected. This, in combination with an abusive behaviour reporter system, should hopefully put an end to redirecting links.


Malicious Adware Blocking

An advancement on the already successful ad-blocker is set to happen for Chrome 65, with an extra push toward pop-up adware containing links or downloads that are host to malware or malicious content.


Previous version: Chrome 64

Next version: Chrome 66


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