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Google Assistant expanding to Chrome, wide range of devices

Google is pushing Assistant to more devices and services than ever, aiming to compete with Amazon's own Echo series of products.

Since its release, Google Assistant has made its way on to both new, and somewhat old Android devices. As a platform, it has combined the voice recognition of Google Now with the power of third party integrations, aiming to help smartphones become more connected and context-ready.

After releasing its Google Home lineup, Google is now also looking to expand its assistant to Desktop devices as well. Recent rumours suggest a future Google Chrome update will feature Google Assistant built-in, helping Google better compete with native device assistants for desktops like Cortana and Siri. Furthermore, Google has partnered with several TV manufacturers like Sony to help them integrate a full version of the Assistant into some of the company's products. The TVs will be able to perform local functions, such as switching input methods and changing the volume, as well as smart home actions like turning on lights, appliances, heating, and everything else supported by the Assistant.

Hardware aside, the latest rumours suggest we are likely to see some early versions of the Assistant on Chrome 65 or 66.


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