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Google and Dropbox are merging storage services

Google and Dropbox appear to be merging their online storage services.

In the battle for online storage, two of the largest suppliers have always been Dropbox and Google, though it appears - despite several years of releasing new features in bids to out-perform one another - they have plans to merge their online storage offerings. 

Essentially, the merge will bring the facilities of Google Docs to Dropbox users, allowing them to edit and store files from Google Docs, Sheets and Slides within Dropbox and also access their Gmail accounts within Dropbox in the coming months. Additionally, users of Google's messaging service Hangouts will be pleased to hear that Dropbox have the intention to bring support for the chat service along with Gmail support, meaning full Gmail and Hangouts support is just a few months away.

On the Google side of things, we will be set to see a new Gmail add-on that allows creation and modification of Dropbox linked files, along with information such as last-accessed and last-edited dates for the files too. Within the Hangouts application we can also expect to see previews for files linked or shared in Hangouts chats and full integration to Dropbox within the chat service.

Whilst the full feature set is still a few months away, it is good to see Dropbox further expanding their support for other company's services. This addition brings Dropbox into the equation for many Chromebook and Android users, making it more viable for the storage service to be used over alternatives like Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive. All in all, Dropbox will bring support for Google Docs alongside the current support for Microsoft Outlook and Adobe XD CC. The way Dropbox is expanding suggests we may even be seeing support for iOS or Mac OS applications in the coming years too as Dropbox look to be branching out their coverage.


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