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Mac OS X 10.11.4 released, critical bugs squashed

(Update) A new consumer version of the Mac OS X 10.11 operating system has been released, bringing new features and multiple security patches

Update (24/03/2016):

News of a severe Mac OS bug has appeared since the new version was released. Those who have updated are safe from the flaw, but those who are still in the process would be wise to do so as fast as possible due to threat posed by the bug. Users running an version older than 10.11.4 are now vulnerable to having their machine 'fully compromised' if they are the victim of a targeted attack.

Version 10.11.4 of the El Capitan Mac operating system was released by Apple last night (21/03/2016), following their iPhone SE launch event, and is now available to install via download from the App Store. The new version brings several minor changes to the OS, along with a fairly substantial amount of security patches.

Live Photos are now supported by El Capitan and work in both the Quick View window and the Photos app. Mac OS X user running the latest version can now password-protect individual entries in the Notes app, as well being able to sort the notes in new ways and import from Evernote. Small issues were also fixed in Safari, with the USB adapter, and with VIP mailboxes.

As for the security patches, 10.11.4 addresses several code execution bugs and privilege escalation flaws, though the severity/likelihood of these flaws being attacked is not something Apple choose to publish. The 'headline' fix in this update is an important patch for the iMessage encryption flaw.

QTF Recommendation: Users should install the update from the App Store as soon as possible to ensure they are running the most secure version of the Mac operating system.


(article originally written 22/03/2016, latest update 24/03/2016)


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