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Firefox 11.0 for iOS Release Date and Features

Mozilla have released their latest version of Firefox for Apple's OS in the form of Firefox 11.0 for iOS.

Firefox 11.0 for iOS is the next version of the Firefox for iOS browser which has just been pushed to the public release stage and is now available for download from the App Store or update through automatic iOS updates. A few new features have made there way to the iOS version of the popular internet browser, alongside some typical performance and visual enhancements. Some more information on said new features is mentioned below.

Tracking Protection

Mozilla have taken note of the heavy push for internet privacy and security with this update, bringing a new tracking protection feature that essentially acts as a blocker for certain website elements. These elements usually gather data or are displayed based on gathered data (i.e. analytics trackers or ads) and so enabling tracking protection allows for users to stay more private when surfing the web. Many are comparing the tracker to an adblocker, but with the added functionality of blocking alternative data collecting methods too.

Tab Reordering

For the first time in forever, Firefox for iOS now allows users to reorder their tabs by long pressing on a tab then shuffling it left or right to the wanted order.

iPad Improvements

A majority of Firefox for iOS's improvements come to iPad users, with a brand new drag-and-drop URL sharing feature for side-by-side app sharing and a number of new keyboard shortcuts which include the typical desktop navigation keys.

Interestingly enough, since Firefox for iOS has tracking protection, it does begin to beg the question as to where Firefox Focus fits in, as the alternative browser seems near useless in comparison to the new Firefox for iOS.

Previous version: Firefox 10.0 for iOS

Next version: Firefox 12.0 for iOS


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