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Amazon Kindle Oasis (2017) Release Date and Specifications

Amazon is releasing a 10th anniversary edition Kindle.

Amazon has released the successor to its 2016 high-end Oasis eReader. The 2nd generation Oasis comes with a significantly improved battery life over its predecessor, and support for Audible audiobooks via Bluetooth speakers or headphones. Unlike its predecessor, the new device will no longer support external battery cases thanks to the battery improvements, as noted by some early reviewers. Perhaps most notably, this is the first IPX8 Kindle device, quoted waterproof for submersion of up to 60 minutes in 2m of clear water.

Like all Kindle devices, the Oasis will support books from the Amazon Store only (.AZW3), and custom ePUB or PDF files will need to be converted via the Kindle Personal Documents Service.

Kindle Oasis (2017) Specifications:

Screen: 7" Inch Paperwhite E Ink Carta 300ppi Display (with Backlight)

Storage: 8GB/32GB/32GB with Wi-Fi and Free Cellular

Battery: Quoted at 'multiple weeks of use at 30 minutes read time per day at light setting 10'

Other: Ambient Light sensor, Bluetooth A2DP, MicroUSB, Wi-Fi; Waterproof IPX8 Rating, Audible Audiobook Support

OS: Custom OS for Kindle by Amazon

The device is now available from Amazon and will soon be sold in select retail stores, starting at $249/£229/€209.


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