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Apple Watch Series 4 Release Date, Specifications and Rumours

Apple have secured a patent for a round smartwatch, perhaps a hint for the Apple Watch Series 4.

A round Apple Watch. It's been rumoured for some time now but very little ever pointed towards Apple making the dream a reality, though a recent patent may come as the first bit of information to back up the rumours. The patent for a round display that Apple pushed forward not too long ago may be the patent for a display destined to end up on the next Apple Watch.

Since the release of the Apple Watch in 2015, not a lot has been changed in it's design, with the same rectangular body and design staying pretty much consistent throughout each generation. Meanwhile, alternatives to the rectangular design - like the Samsung Gear range for instance - have been growing in popularity and have become quite well design and optimised for the circular display. Applications seem to function well, even with the circular display, and the recently surfaced rumours of the LG Timepiece suggest that Google's new Wear OS smartwatches may follow in pursuit, perhaps giving a little incentive towards Apple to switch things up a bit.

Unfortunately, Apple hasn't made any formal comments about a round smartwatch or even about the Apple Watch Series 4, so whether or not anything will be made of the recent patent is still unclear, though it would certainly be nice to see a new design (or at least an alternative) upon release.


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