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iOS 9 source code leak confirmed by Apple

Apple have confirmed that a section of source code from iOS 9 has been leaked on the internet.

The iOS operating system is often regarded as one of the most secure operating systems out there and with most of the code for iOS staying internally within Apple, it's clear to see why they have such a secure reputation. However, last week a piece of code managed to make its way to GitHub; a piece of code that just so happened to be from iOS 9's source code. The code in question is the "iBoot" source code which is essentially the main booting process that runs upon turning the device on or off. As soon as it emerged that the code had gone viral, Apple were quick to file a copyright lawsuit against GitHub and get the code removed, though thousands of copies of the code are likely to still spread across the internet, opening up Apple's iOS source code to the world.

Apple have confirmed that the source code that was leaked from iOS 9 actually came from a former intern for the company and was spread a while back via Discord and Reddit, before being taken down by automated software. This time around though, the leak reached far more people and - due to the nature of the code leaked - was considered a fairly severe issue by the internet. A source within Apple has already stated that Apple were aware of the leak before the GitHub incident, but the reupload of the source code has brought about concerns within Apple as this potentially leaves other pieces of code vulnerable to being leaked.

Despite the public considering the leak as "one of the largest Apple leaks of all time", Apple have said that the leak poses very little threat as there are far more hardware and software security systems in place to prevent hackers exploiting the code for harmful purposes. Nonetheless, the leaked code has been passed around for quite some time now and is likely to be used to aid in forming jailbreaks for more recent versions of iOS, even though the leaked version of the iBoot code is three years out of date.


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