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Android Messages to feature web support and web client

A future update to Messages for Android is said to bring major improvements to the app.

Developers have inspected some of the more recent APKs of Messages for Android and have found several hints of Google's push towards RCS. The company is aiming to make Messages a web-enabled platform, much like iMessage, and also looking to integrate key services like Google Wallet right into the app.

Sent and Read receipts will also be present in this upcoming version of Messages, but will be supported only by users who also use an RCS messaging service. Like Google's Allo, the new version of Messages is also said to feature a web interface, allowing users to send and receive messages from their desktop computers for more convenience.

No official release date is known for the new Messages for Android, but it will likely be hitting devices running Android Oreo first, some time this February. Older Android versions are also likely to receive the update at a later stage.


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