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Blackberry secure

The new licencing program.

Over the years Blackberry has been disappearing in the shadows of most smartphone manufacturers, but one thing that I think we all remember is how excellent the security on the phone was. So the Canadian company decided to capitalize on the notion, that there never was a more secure phone then a Blackberry, by beginning to license its security tech, to third-party hardware companies, to be put inside phones and other smart devices.

This licencing program is called Blackberry Secure, so companies that will decide to use it will end up having to show the brand somewhere, for example while powering up a phone. It is important to note that Blackberry’s announcement suggests that Blackberry secure won’t only be for phones, but there are no specifics about where else it will end up being used.

The first deal was struck with the Chinese company NTD in September, and now they have made another deal with the Swiss company Punkt. Both deals where for phones made by these companies.

To make sure that the phones meet Blackberry standards, the company claims it gets involved in the manufacturing process to sign and inject encrypted keys that allow for the verification of the hardware and software, to make sure it has not been tampered with.


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