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Java EE moving to Eclipse Foundation

The move was decided on less than a month after Oracle's announcement.

After Oracle announced that Java EE will be moving to an open-source platform, the company has decided to move the platform to the Eclipse Foundation. A blog post from a Java evangelist mentioned that the company reached out to other large contributors to the EE program like IBM and Red Hat for a second option.

Both companies welcomed the decision and Eclipse's immediate response was that they are happy to see Oracle moving the project forward rapidly.

Once Java EE is moved to Eclipse, the platform will also need to be rebranded and renamed, which is a process Oracle intends to have a key role in. Aside from a rebrand, the company also plans to re-license any Oracle-led Java EE technologies to the foundation. Furthermore, Oracle is developing a full plan to enroll and engage developers and community members with the platform, as well as potentially incorporating the Eclipse MicroProfile technology within EE.

The move is said to start as soon as the current implementation of Java EE 8 is completed.


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