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Microsoft Launches My Workspace for macOS

Microsoft have launched their latest Garage project.

With a dedicated website, Microsoft have launched an independent Garage project aimed at Office 365 users using Macs. The program is called My Workspace and is essentially an all-in-one toolbar for Windows, where users can access their Office content more easily.

The top portion of the application features a 'Today' view, which links to the user's Outlook calendar and shows the most recent events. Users can also one-click RSVP to events and also join Skype calls for online meetings. The application also features a OneDrive panel where users can see the recently opened Office documents on their drive, as well as pin important documents for review or easier access. Lastly, the app offers a customizable shortcut bar which can display icons to all or just some of the Office 365 apps.

Users can download the application directly from this link. Some Office 365 subscribers have reached out to Microsoft asking for a similar utility for Windows, but the company has yet to respond.


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